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girls made of flowers, icarus rex, dead legends, hungry cities, self-made saints, and a devil's brood

this mummers' farce
is almost done

RUNNING WITH BLOOD ON OUR KNEES; a careers fanmix for m’dear melonylotseven's birthday

I. youth knows no pain | LYKKE LI; 
come on get down, come on get down, mighty youth, here and now / so come on honey, cut yourself to pieces / come on, honey, give yourself completely / and do it all as though you can’t believe it / youth knows no pain

II. chick habit | APRIL MARCH;
i’m telling you it’s not a trick / pay attention, don’t get thick / or you’re liable to get licked… / oh how your bubble’s gonna burst / when you meet another nurse she’ll be driving in a hearse / you’re gonna need a heap of glue when they all catch up with you and they cut you up in two

III. diamond dogs | BECK;
crawling down the alley on your hands and your knees / i’m sure you’re not protected from what’s plain to see / diamond dogs are poachers and they hide behind trees / hunt you to the ground they will / mannequins with kill appeal… / come out of the garden, baby / you’ll catch your death in the fog / young girl, they call them the diamond dogs

IV. into the jungle | ALPHABEAT;
in the jungle i get to know new people / as i go further and further / and deeper and deeper / and deeper so / go wander, girls, go wander / go wander, boys, go wander

V. oblivion | GRIMES;
another walkabout after dark / it’s my point of view / that someone could break your neck / coming up behind you, always coming and you’d never have a clue / i will wait forever, always looking straight / thinking, counting all the hours you wait / see you on a dark night

VI. animal (peter bjorn & john remix) | MIIKE SNOW;
i’m still trying to make my mind up / am i free or am i tied up? / i change shapes just to hide in this place / but i’m still, i’m still an animal / nobody knows it but me when i slip / yeah, i slip / i’m still an animal

VII. kick ass | MIKA;
we are young, we are strong, we’re not looking for where we belong / we’re not cool, we are free / and we’re running with blood on our knees / we could rule the world on a silver platter / from the wrong to the right light to an open stream / with a crash and burn we could make it better / …we are the dream / no other way to be


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